BBE Division Contacts

Administrative | Academic

Administrative Contacts

Chair's Office

Division Chair

Stephen Mayo

x 4951

Assistant to the Chair and Academic Affairs ManagerCynthia Carlsonx
Executive Officer
Markus Meisterx
Executive Officer
(Molecular Biology)
Dianne Newmanx
Executive Officer 
(Biological Engineering)
Michael Elowitzx


Division Administrator

Mike Miranda

x 4954

Business Operations ManagerJoan Sullivanx
Seminars, Rooms, General AdministrationLauren Breeyearx
Website, Rooms, General AdministrationKenya Zeiglerx
Travel, AccountingSue Zindlex

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Grants Management

Grant Managers           Alex Abramyanx
           Christa Albanezx
           Bo Brownx
          Yesenia Gonzalesx
         Tom Katsikakisx
          Debbie Navarretex
          Karl Oracionx

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HR Administration

HR Administrators

Joan Sullivan

x 6444

 Janie Malone
 Jessica Silva
 Laurinda Truong
(Beckman Institute, Braun)

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HHMI Manager

Christine Schuld

x 3178

HHMI Administrative Assistant     Angel Rookerx

Facilities, Procurement and Receiving

Facilities Administrator

Jesse Flores

x 3641

Procurement and ReceivingManny de la Torre
(Alles, Church, Kerckhoff)
 Albert Gomez
(Beckman Institute, Braun)
 Andreas Feuerabendt (BBB, Broad)x
Electronics ShopTim Heitzmanx

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Academic and Program Contacts

Academic Affairs Manager and Assistant to the Chair

Cynthia Carlson

x 2037
Postdoctoral and Visiting Faculty Programs ManagerStefany Nielsen

Graduate Program Contacts (BBE)


Option RepProf. Erik
Option ManagerLinda


Option RepProf. Bruce
Option ManagerLiz

Computation and Neural Systems

Option RepProf. Thanos
Option ManagerMinah


Option RepProf. Viviana Gradinaru
Option ManagerMinah


MD/PhD Programs Raina

Graduate Program Contacts (Affiliated)

Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics

Option RepProf. Bill
Option ManagerCourtney Cechini


Option RepProf. Alex
Option ManagerJulie

Undergraduate Program Contact

Premedical AdvisorProf. David
Bioengineering Option RepProf Niles
Biology Option RepProf. Bruce


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