Engineering Programmable Regulators for Closed-Loop Biological Control (Pierce Lab)

The Pierce Lab at the California Institute of Technology ( seeks a Postdoctoral Scholar to participate in engineering programmable regulators for scalable closed-loop control of biological circuits. Currently, synthetic biological circuits rely primarily on toolboxes of genetically encoded protein regulators, with feedback implemented using protein:DNA and protein:protein interactions mined from existing genomes. However, it is challenging to mine or to design large libraries of orthogonal protein regulators, imposing limits on the scalability of this approach. To address this challenge, we seek to engineer novel RNA regulators based on the programmable chemistry of nucleic acid base pairing, enabling systematic design of orthogonal regulators for scalable closed-loop control. We will focus on bacteria as the initial test bed, with the potential for future adaptation of novel regulators and circuit architectures to mammalian cells.

We seek outstanding applicants with an exceptional track record of research. Applicants must have a PhD in a relevant field.

Candidates should upload a cover letter and CV here.

Candidates should also arrange for up to three recommenders to upload letters of reference here.