Current Personnel

Albert Billings Ruddock Professor of Biology
Ellen V. Rothenberg 
Member of the Professional Staff
Rochelle A. Diamond

Using cell separation technology to enhance the exploration of regulatory pathways of t-cell differentiation.

Research Professor of Biology
Mary YuiMy research focuses on the genetic, cellular, and molecular factors controlling early T cell developmental checkpoints and lineage choice and their impact on susceptibility to autoimmune Type 1 diabetes and T-cell leukemias.
Senior Postdoctoral Scholars
Satoshi HiroseFunction of Bcl11b in early T cell development, especially the suppressive mechanism of Bcl11b against innate immune characters
Hiroyuki Hosokawa 
Hao Yuan KuehExploring the dynamics of immune cell fate control circuits on a single-cell level using live-cell imaging
Postdoctoral Scholar
Jonas UngerbäckDecoding of gene regulatory networks in early T-cell development: What determines positive and negative transcriptional control?
Graduate Students
Abhik Banerjee* 
Xun WangCharacterizing cis-regulatory elements and their functional roles in the gene regulatory network of early T cell commitment program
Research and Laboratory Staff
Maria Lerica Gutierrez QuiloanI am responsible for lab and mouse colony management, including husbandry and genotyping, and am also involved in a number of different projects, including 1) defining signaling factors important for T-cell development, 2) characterizing developmental behavior of early DN T-cell progenitor subsets, and 3) characterizing fluorescent reporter expression in Bcl11b-YFP mice.
Kenneth Ng 
Maile WernerExploring the role of Bcl11b before and after T-cell commitment
*Joint with Mitch Guttman