NIH Training Grant Program

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Cell and Molecular Biology Training Program

We seek to train the next generation of researchers in cell and molecular biology with a deep understanding of core disciplines and the ability to plan important, incisive research and execute their plans with appropriate technology and methodology, from the classic to the cutting edge.

To join, apply via one of the following Graduate Options: Biology, BMB, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Geobiology, Computer Science.


Our training activities comprise eight main components described in detail below this overview:

  1. each student's individual research program, guided by one or more faculty members and carried out within a group of other students and postdoctoral fellows having related interests;
  2. a set of courses comprising an introduction to method and logic in molecular and cell biology (Bi250a), a graduate seminar class in molecular and cell biology (Bi253), a new course in bioinformatics and data analysis (Bi254), a new course in scientific writing (Bi255), three courses from a menu of relevant course;
  3. option-specific preparation for qualifying or candidacy examinations;
  4. an extensive program of formal and informal seminars and research meetings;
  5. a course and discussion in responsible conduct of research (Bi252);
  6. a winter term research seminar during which students present their own work and discuss that of other students;
  7. yearly meetings with a thesis committee to provide an update on progress towards the Ph.D. degree; and
  8. experience in teaching through service as a teaching assistant.

Training Faculty by Division

Alexei Aravin, BBE
David Anderson, BBE
Frances Arnold, CCE
David Baltimore, BBE
Jacqueline Barton, CCE
Pamela Bjorkman, BBE
Marianne Bronner, BBE
Long Cai, BBE
Judith Campbell, BBE/CCE
David Chan, BBE
William Clemons, CCE
Peter Dervan, CCE
Raymond Deshaies, BBE
Dennis Dougherty, CCE
Michael Elowitz, BBE/EAS

Lea Goentoro, BBE
Vivian Gradinaru, BBE
Michell Guttman, BBE
Bruce Hay, BBE
Andre Hoelz, CCE
Linda Hsieh-Wilson, CCE
Rustem Ismagilov, CCE
Grant Jensen, BBE
Jared Leadbetter, EAS
Henry Lester, BBE
Stephen Mayo, BE/CCE
Sarkis Mazmanian, BBE
Elliot Meyerowitz, BBE
Richard Murray, BBE/EAS
Dianne Newman, BBE

Victoria Orphan, GPS
Robert Phillips, EAS
Niles Pierce, EAS
Douglas Rees, CCE
Sarah Reisman, CCE
Ellen Rothenberg, BBE
Shu-Ou Shan, CCE
Mikhail Shapiro, CCE
Angelike Stathopoulos, BBE
Paul W. Sternberg*, BBE
Alex Varshavsky, BBE
Zhen-Gang Wang, CCE
Barbara Wold, BBE
Kai Zinn, BBE

*Funded in part by National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences grant 2T32GM007616 (P. W. Sternberg, PI).