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Social Science (SS) Courses (2016-17)

CNS/SS/Psy/Bi 102 ab. Brains, Minds, and Society. 9 units (3-0-6): second, third terms. Introduction to the computations made by the brain during economic and social decision making and their neural substrates. First quarter: Reinforcement learning. Unconscious and conscious processing. Emotion. Behavioral economics. Goal-directed and habit learning. Facial processing in social neuroscience. Second quarter: History and mechanisms of reinforcement. Associative learning. Mentalizing and strategic thinking. Neural basis of prosociality. Exploration-exploitation tradeoff. Functions of basal ganglia. Instructors: Adolphs, Camerer, O'Doherty.
CNS/Bi/SS/Psy 176. Cognition. 9 units (4-0-5): third term. The cornerstone of current progress in understanding the mind, the brain, and the relationship between the two is the study of human and animal cognition. This course will provide an in-depth survey and analysis of behavioral observations, theoretical accounts, computational models, patient data, electrophysiological studies, and brain-imaging results on mental capacities such as attention, memory, emotion, object representation, language, and cognitive development. Offered 2016-17. Instructor: Shimojo.
SS/Psy/Bi/CNS 255. Topics in Emotion and Social Cognition. 9 units (3-0-6): third term. This course will cover recent findings in the psychology and neurobiology of emotion and social behavior. What role does emotion play in other cognitive processes, such as memory, attention, and decision making? What are the component processes that guide social behavior? To what extent is the processing of social information domain-specific? Readings from the current literature will emphasize functional imaging, psychophysical, and lesion studies in humans. Not offered 2016-17.