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Caltech Launches New Neurobiology Graduate Program

Deadline for Applications: December 15, 2013

Understanding the brain remains one of the great intellectual challenges for science, and it requires the integration of approaches from many disciplines. Today's neuroscientists must synthesize across multiple scales of research, from the molecular level to the physiological and circuit level, to computational analysis.

Through Caltech's newly established neurobiology graduate program, our PhD students will acquire mastery, both conceptual and technical, across a range of these disciplines. With its small size and intellectual breadth, Caltech presents an ideal environment for such integrated graduate training. The program will also leverage Caltech's traditional strength in molecular biology and genetics by combining these disciplines with quantitative systems-level neuroscience, and fostering a close connection to engineering disciplines that develop new tools for brain science.

Our new Ph.D. program in neurobiology creates a unique opportunity for students who wish to develop creative, cross-disciplinary new ways to study the brain. Join us in this great adventure of brain science!