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The Strange Case of the Scuba Diving Fly

Lorinda Dajose
How a species of fly subverted nature to forage in a caustic underwater habitat
an alkali fly in a bubble.

Gradinaru Selected as a Moore Inventor Fellow

Lorinda Dajose
The fellowship, from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, awards $825,000 toward accelerating invention.
Viviana Gradinaru

Neuroscientist Receives Early-Career Inventor Award

Lorinda Dajose
Viviana Gradinaru is the recipient of an Innovator in Science Award from Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and the New York Academy of Sciences.
Viviana Gradinaru

Molecular Biologist Recognized for Discovering the Biology of the Ubiquitin System

Lorinda Dajose
The ubiquitin system is a key set of biochemical pathways that underlies regulated protein degradation and many other processes in organisms.
Alexander Varshavsky

Five from Caltech Receive NIH BRAIN Grants

Lorinda Dajose
Researchers aim to identify different neural cell types, understand how the brain heals itself, and probe neural circuits underlying behavior.
Visualization of a brain.

Nature or Nurture? Innate Social Behaviors in the Mouse Brain

Lorinda Dajose
The brain circuitry that controls innate, or instinctive, behaviors such as mating and fighting was thought to be genetically hardwired. Not so, neuroscientists now say
Illustration of two mice interacting

Gradinaru Named Vallee Scholar

Lorinda Dajose
Gradinaru is one of five early-career researchers internationally to receive funding from the Vallee Foundation for basic biomedical research.
photo of Viviana Gradinaru

Caltech Alumnus and Former Caltech Researcher Win Nobel for Circadian Rhythm Research

Emily Velasco
Michael Rosbash (BS '65), and Jeffrey C. Hall, a former Caltech postdoctoral fellow, have been honored with a Nobel Prize for identifying the genetic mechanism controlling circadian rhythms.
Michael Rosbash (BS '65), the Peter Gruber Endowed Chair in Neuroscience and professor of biology at Brandeis University and an investigator with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

New Provost Starts This Week

David Tirrell steps into new role on campus.

The Surprising, Ancient Behavior of Jellyfish

Lorinda Dajose
The discovery that primitive jellyfish sleep suggests that sleep is an ancient, evolutionarily conserved behavior.
A single Cassiopea jellyfish.