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Inside Look: the Chen Institute at Caltech

Lori Oliwenstein
Philanthropists Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo support brain research that promotes and improves the well-being of humanity
Basal ganglia

Cells Calculate Ratios to Control Gene Expression

Lorinda Dajose
New Caltech research shows that cells decipher information by calculating ratios.
cells moving

Exploring Trauma Treatment Through Music

Lorinda Dajose
Senior Lauren Li has received a Watson Fellowship to study the effects of music therapy on trauma survivors.
Lauren Li

Bare Bones: Making Bones Transparent

Lorinda Dajose
A new bone clearing technique is a breakthrough for testing osteoporosis drugs.
A bone rendered transparent. Stem cells are colored red.

Facial Expressions: How Brains Process Emotion

Lorinda Dajose
New research from Caltech clarifies the once-mysterious role of the amygdala.
stock image of a fearful face

Introducing Caltech Magazine

Caltech rolls out a new Institute magazine, in print and online
Magazine cover

Scientists Learn Secrets of Deadly Bacterial Toxin Gun

Lorinda Dajose
Scientists have discovered the structure of a bacterial machine that injects toxins into cells and spreads antibiotic resistance.
Animated gif of an artist's rendition of a cellular machine spewing toxic molecules.

The 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Lorinda Dajose
Twenty current students and eight alumni have been selected to receive funding for graduate studies.
The logo of the National Science Foundation.

Altered Perceptions

Lorinda Dajose
Perturbations in "face patch" regions of the brain affect the perception of faces and other objects.
Images of mens faces, and images of clocks, teapots, and oranges.

Parasitic Fish Offer Evolutionary Insights

Lorinda Dajose
Lamprey have an ancient and unexpected mechanism for developing neurons in the gut.
A side view of the lamprey gut, showing many large serotonergic neurons (green) sitting on the side of the gut.