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Protein Disrupts Infectious Biofilms

Lorinda Dajose
Researchers discover a protein that inhibits biofilms of a bacterium responsible for many cystic fibrosis infections.
image of a the PodA crystal structure

Caltech and the Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen Institute Launch Major Neuroscience Initiative

Kathy Svitil
Initiative kicked off with $115 million gift from philanthropists Tianqiao Chen and Chrissy Luo to establish a new institute and provide continuous funds for neuroscience research. Caltech to construct $200 million biosciences complex that will include new institute.
photo of Chrissy Luo and Tianqiao Chen

Parkinson's Disease Linked to Microbiome

Lorinda Dajose
Gut bacteria play a major role in the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Programmable Disorder

Lorinda Dajose
Researchers have developed a molecular programming language to create DNA tiles that exploit randomness to carry out nanofabrication tasks by self-assembly.
image of self-assembled random tree structures on the surface of DNA tile arrays

DNA on Display

BBE celebrates the restoration of a DNA sculpture.
Image of helix sculpture

Three from Caltech Elected as AAAS Fellows

Lorinda Dajose
LIGO scientists and a synthetic biology professor are recognized for their efforts in advancing science.
the words

History of Cells Told Through MEMOIR

Whitney Clavin
A new technique called MEMOIR can record the life history of animal cells.
MEMOIR cells

Turning Back the Aging Clock

Lorinda Dajose
By boosting genes that destroy defective mitochondrial DNA, researchers can slow down and potentially reverse an important part of the aging process.
Mitochondrial DNA

Genetically Engineering Disease-Fighting Cells

Lorinda Dajose
A new technique improves the safety of cancer immunotherapy.
Artist’s concept of a domain-swapped T cell receptor (TCR) engaging a peptide presented by a tumor cell. In TCR gene therapy, genes encoding a tumor-specific TCR are introduced to a patient’s T cells, retargeting them to attack cancer cells.

The Wiring of Fly Brains: Mapping Cell-to-Cell Connections

Whitney Clavin
A new system for mapping communication between cells could lead to "wiring diagrams" of animal brains.
fly brain and nervous system