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New Super-Resolution Technique Enables Unprecedented Cellular Imaging

Lorinda Dajose
seqFISH+ will help scientists better understand the processes underlying developmental biology, neuroscience, and diseases like cancer.
A constellation of colored dots

NSF Director France Córdova to Speak at Caltech's 125th Commencement Ceremony

Davin Malasarn
The distinguished astrophysicist, director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), and Caltech alumna (PhD '79), will give the keynote speech at Caltech's 2019 Commencement ceremony on June 14.
Headshot of France Córdova

The Salt-Craving Neurons

Lorinda Dajose
Pass the potato chips, please! New research discovers neural circuits that regulate craving and satiation for salty tastes.
An illustration of salt and a brain.

Evidence for a Human Geomagnetic Sense

Robert Perkins
Geoscientists and neurobiologists team up to explore how humans respond to Earth's magnetic field.
Brainwave data

Caltech Announces the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

Caltech has announced five recipients of this year's Distinguished Alumni Award.
photo of the Distinguished Alumni Award medal

Biology Graduate Student Recognized for Outstanding Achievement

Lorinda Dajose
Sofia Quinodoz is a recipient of the Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award.
Sofia Quinodoz

Ask a Genius

Every year, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation award unrestricted fellowships, so-called Genius Grants, to individuals who show extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits. The 2018 class of fellows includes two Caltech alumnae, Doris Tsao (BS ’96) and Sarah Stewart (PhD ’02).
Doris Tsao 2

This is a Neuron on Nicotine

Lorinda Dajose
Newly developed sensors visually illustrate how nicotine affects cells from the inside out.
A glowing cell

Watson Lecture Preview: Plant Growth—How Stem Cells Make Stems

In a February 13 Watson Lecture, Elliot Meyerowitz will describe how leaves and flowers appear at angles of roughly 140 degrees, answering questions that long have intrigued mathematically inclined biologists and revealing surprising modes of communication between plant stem cells.

How the Body Fights Cancer and Intruders

Lorinda Dajose
Individualized cancer therapies are improved, thanks to two new methods for characterizing the immune system.
T cells surround a cancer cell