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Beyond the Limits of Nature: A Conversation with Kaihang Wang

Lori Dajose
Assistant Professor Kaihang Wang works to rewrite the rules of life by tinkering with bacterial genomes.
Kaihang Wang in the laboratory

A Conversation with Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

Lori Dajose
The most recent addition to the BBE faculty discusses studying the earliest stages of embryonic development, writing a book, and mentoring women in science.
Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz

On the Edge of Philosophy and Physics

Whitney Clavin
Charles Sebens discusses philosophical questions lying at the root of physics.
Charles Sebens

Seeing Farther and Deeper: An Interview with Katie Bouman

Robert Perkins
New faculty member Katie Bouman uses sparse data to create images that were not possible before, and mines information from images.

The Mathematics of Flow

Whitney Clavin
New Caltech professor Philip Isett uses math to understand the chaotic nature of fluids.
Philip Isett

Seeking Order in Chaos

Whitney Clavin
Maksym Radziwill is fascinated by the question of randomness versus determinism.

The Future of Imaging Cells: Q&A with Lu Wei

Whitney Clavin
New chemistry professor Lu Wei combines the tools of physical chemistry and bioimaging to create new ways to see inside cells.
Lu Wei

Illuminating New Possibilities: An Interview with Alireza Marandi

Robert Perkins
New faculty member Alireza Marandi makes devices and systems that alter the wavelength of lasers, enabling new paths for sensing and computing applications.
photo of Alireza Marandi

From Colorado to Caltech: Meet Chemistry Professor Kimberly See

Whitney Clavin
A new video profiles Kimberly See, a battery chemist who joined the faculty last year.
Kimberly See

A Conversation with Matt Thomson

Lorinda Dajose
New assistant professor of computational biology Matt Thomson discusses how cells make decisions and work together.
Matt Thomson
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