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Biology Schedule Planning

Course requirements for biology are designed to be met by students taking Bi 8 and Bi 9 starting in their second year. However, most students interested in biology elect to take these courses in their first year, and this opens access to a much wider range of biology electives.

Students may place out of the option requirement to take Bi 8 or Bi 9 by passing an exam and then earning a passing grade in Bi/Ch 111 instead. The exam for placing out of Bi 8 and Bi 9 is given in the fall term of freshman year, and is open to students who have an unusually strong background in biology, e.g., substantial research experience.  Some students who score a 5 on the advanced placement exam in biology may also qualify to take the exam.

Bi 10 is not required for the biology option but is commonly taken by biology students to meet the Institute introductory laboratory requirement.

Prerequisites listed for individual biology courses are advisory, not compulsory. They indicate the kind of background that is assumed for the work level of the course. In general they may be waived with the instructor's permission.

Ch 24 and Ch 25 are strongly recommended for students interested in postgraduate work in biology, as most graduate programs expect entering students to have taken a course in physical chemistry.  Additional courses of potential interest to biology majors include Ge 11 b, BE/APh 161, BE 163, and advanced geobiology courses.

Typical Course Schedule

Second Year

HSS electives
Ma 2,3 Sophomore Mathematics
Ph 2 ab, ac, or bc Sophomore Physics
Ch 41 abc Organic Chemistry
Bi 8 Introduction to Molecular Biology
Bi 9 Cell Biology
Bi 10 Cell Biology Laboratory

Third Year

HSS electives
Bi 117 Developmental Biology
Bi/Ch 110 Intro to Biochemistry
Bi/Ch 111 Biochemistry of Gene Expression OR Bi/Ch 113 Biochemistry of the Cell
Bi 122 Genetics
Bi 123 Genetics Laboratory
Ch 24, 25 Intro to Biophysical Chemistry

Fourth Year

HSS electives
Bi 24 Technical Communication
Bi/CNS 150 Neurobiology

Bioengineering Schedule Planning

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The Undergraduate Biology Option advisor is Professor Bruce Hay.

The Undergraduate Bioengineering Option advisor is Professor Justin Bois.