Computing with Biochemical Circuits Made Easy

A software tool and a systematic wet-lab procedure proven in practice are an advance in the design and construction of circuits made of DNA.

A Conversation with Lior Pachter (BS '94)

Pachter, a computational biologist and Caltech alumnus, returns to the Institute to study the role and function of RNA.

Sleeping With the (Zebra)fishes

David Prober will give the February Watson Lecture, explaining why we sleep.

Politics and American Higher Education

Four presidents discuss the role of institutions of higher education in times of political change and social turmoil.

Small but Mighty: Fruit Fly Muscles

A new study explains the nimble, complex maneuvers that allow the pesky fruit fly to evade being swatted.

Neuroscience Prize Awarded to David Anderson

David Anderson has received the Perl-UNC Prize for his discovery of neural circuit mechanisms underlying emotional behaviors.

Fixating on Faces

Neurons specialized for processing faces in the human brain are controlled by attention, according to a new Caltech study.

Caltech Biologist Disputes Conclusions of Recent Papers on Biological Magnetism

A trio of papers—investigating how traces of iron could allow animals to navigate by magnetic fields and could further influence cellular function—fails to pass muster, says Markus Meister.

Caltech Computes: Disrupting and Uniting Science and Engineering

Now a decade old, Caltech's Information Science and Technology initiative is uniting disciplines across campus by offering new and more effective ways of tackling previously intractable challenges.

Protein Disrupts Infectious Biofilms

Researchers discover a protein that inhibits biofilms of a bacterium responsible for many cystic fibrosis infections.


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