Introducing Caltech Magazine

Caltech rolls out a new Institute magazine, in print and online

Scientists Learn Secrets of Deadly Bacterial Toxin Gun

Scientists have discovered the structure of a bacterial machine that injects toxins into cells and spreads antibiotic resistance.

Caltech Students and Alumni Receive 2017 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships

Twenty current students and eight alumni have been selected to receive funding for graduate studies.

Altered Perceptions

Perturbations in "face patch" regions of the brain affect the perception of faces and other objects.

Parasitic Fish Offer Evolutionary Insights

Lamprey have an ancient and unexpected mechanism for developing neurons in the gut.

New Cancer Drug Targets Cellular Garbage Disposal

A promising new cancer treatment causes cancer cells to fill up with discarded proteins and thus self-destruct.

Computing with Biochemical Circuits Made Easy

A software tool and a systematic wet-lab procedure proven in practice are an advance in the design and construction of circuits made of DNA.

A Conversation with Lior Pachter (BS '94)

Pachter, a computational biologist and Caltech alumnus, returns to the Institute to study the role and function of RNA.

Sleeping With the (Zebra)fishes

David Prober will give the February Watson Lecture, explaining why we sleep.

Politics and American Higher Education

Four presidents discuss the role of institutions of higher education in times of political change and social turmoil.


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