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Lea A. Goentoro

Professor of Biology
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Administrative Assistant:
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2001; Ph.D., Princeton University, 2006. Assistant Professor, Caltech, 2011-18; Professor, 2018-.

Research Summary

We are curious about how biological systems are built. We want to understand the engineering principles and the molecular mechanisms of how things are built and how things function. In the lab, we study multiple scales of biological organisation, from small protein circuits, signaling pathways, developmental programs, to organisms. We enjoy using various tools, such as paper-and-pencil mathematical modeling, computer simulation, biochemistry, single-cell imaging, histology, molecular biology, and lately, some cutting, pasting, and grinding experiments in embryos.

Our current research areas are:

  1. Relative perception in cells
  2. Robustness in embryo development
  3. Self-repairing symmetry in jellyfish

Please see our lab website for more detailed information.