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Newman and Orphan Named MacArthur Fellows

Lorinda Dajose
The "no strings attached" fellowships award $625,000 over five years.

In the Light of Evolution

Lorinda Dajose
Students reflect on experiences in a biannual evolution course which culminates in a trip to the Galápagos Islands.
photo of Galápagos giant tortoises

Multitasking Protein Keeps Immune System Healthy

Lorinda Dajose
Caltech researchers have shed light on the 3-D structure of a protein crucial to immune system function.

Analyzing a Worm's Sleep

Whitney Clavin
New research from Caltech finds three chemicals that collectively work together to induce sleep in the roundworm C. elegans.

Hushing the X Chromosome

Whitney Clavin
A new study highlights the role of DNA's three-dimensional structure in silencing genes.

Team of Proteins Works Together to Turn on T Cells

Whitney Clavin
Scientists are learning how cells make the decision to become T cells.

Scientists Transform Lower-Body Cells into Facial Cartilage

Whitney Clavin
Researchers have discovered a “gene circuit” that can alter the fate of cells, turning them into ones that make cartilage.

Dietary Fiber and Microbes Change the Gel That Lines Our Gut

Whitney Clavin
The Caltech study is the first to look at the structure of the mucus gel lining our gut and how it morphs in the presence of other substances naturally found in the gut.

Solving Molecular Structures

Lorinda Dajose
At Caltech, students have the opportunity to learn X-ray crystallography, a technique that reveals the three-dimensional structure of molecules like proteins.

The Next Big Thing

Nehaly Shah
We talked to a handful of undergraduate and graduate students prior to commencement to find out what they think will be the next big thing in science and engineering and how their plans after graduation reflect those ideas.