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Ditch Day? It’s Today, Frosh!

Ramanuj Basu
Today students celebrate Ditch Day, one of Caltech's oldest traditions.

Gilmartin Named Dean of Undergraduate Students

Jon Nalick
On July 1, 2016, Kevin Gilmartin, professor of English, will begin serving as Caltech's dean of undergraduate students.

Oka Receives McKnight Award

Robert Perkins
Yuki Oka, assistant professor of biology, will receive the 2016 McKnight Scholars Award.

DNA Origami: Folded DNA as a Building Material for Molecular Devices

Lorinda Dajose
A preview of Paul Rothemund's upcoming Watson Lecture.

A Feeling Touch

Katie Neith
Caltech biologist Richard Andersen is working to incorporate a sense of touch into the neural prosthetics he has been helping develop for years—devices implanted in the brain that allow a paralyzed patient to manipulate a robotic arm.

When Beneficial Bacteria Knock But No One is Home

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Probiotic therapies hold promise for the treatment of intestinal disorders, but Caltech researchers reveal why they may not work for all patients.

Seven from Caltech Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Lorinda Dajose
Three faculty members and four alumni have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

American Academy of Arts and Sciences Elects Two from Caltech

Lorinda Dajose
Hirosi Ooguri and Rob Phillips have been elected as members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Mapping Neurons to Improve the Treatment of Parkinson's

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
Caltech researchers have mapped out a circuit of neurons that is responsible for motor impairment—such as difficulty walking—in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Midnight Blue: A New System for Color Vision

Jessica Stoller-Conrad
A newly discovered mechanism of color vision in mice might help answer why the dimly lit night sky has a bluish cast.