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One of six academic divisions at Caltech, Biology and Biological Engineering (BBE) focuses on advancing investigations of and expanding knowledge about the nature of life- from a single molecule to an entire organism. Through interdisciplinary programs of study and research, faculty and students address complex questions related to how living things evolve, develop, and function, and then use their findings to engineer innovative biological systems as well as medicines and other therapies.

Today's investigators and students add to a rich history that includes the work of individuals credited with laying the groundwork for modern biology with major advances in genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology, and neurobiology. BBE has trained many of the world's most eminent biologists.

With laboratory and classroom facilities in seven buildings on Caltech's campus, BBE researchers and students also benefit from extensive access to state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and facilities as well as a marine laboratory located within 50 miles of campus.

The division includes more than 50 faculty research laboratories—labs headed by renowned leaders in their fields, including:

  • 9 Faculty and Alumni Nobel Prizes
  • 10 National Medals of Science
  • 1 Crafoord Prize
  • 1 Kavli Prize
  • 5 California Scientist of the Year Awards
  • 14 Faculty and Alumni Members of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 2 Members of Institute of Medicine
  • 15 Members of Academy of Arts & Sciences