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NB & CNS Seminar | Gwyneth Card -Tuesday, March 21st - 4 pm

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
4:00pm to 5:00pm
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NB & CNS Seminar

Tuesday, March 21st

3:30 pm – Reception (Chen Lobby)

4 pm – Seminar

Chen 100

Gwyneth Card

Professor, Columbia University

Title - What the fly connectome tells us about the fly brain?

Abstract -

What would we know if we could visualize the tens of thousands of neurons and millions of connections between them that comprise the entire nervous system of a fly? Could we deduce how behavior arises in this animal that faces many of the same life challenges as we ourselves, or would we, as Sydney Brenner cautioned, be "drowning in a sea of data and starving for knowledge"? I will discuss what my lab has learned about how a fly makes rapid but flexible action choices inspired by emerging connectomic data together with functional experiments including high-throughput behavior, electrophysiology, and single-cell calcium imaging