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Alice Huang Leadership Award Recipents 2022

2022 Recipients:

Barbara Wold, Jost Vielmetter and the CCSL Staff.

Citation: For their heroic, voluntary efforts to stand up the Caltech COVID Surveillance Lab, which has kept BBE and the Caltech community at large safer during the COVID pandemic.

Core team that runs CCSL:
Dr. Barbara Wold
Dr. Jost Vielmetter
Dr. George Tolomiczenko
Dr. Michael Anaya
Justin Ho
Michelle Ravel
Elisa Gonzalez
Victoria MacKrell
Annie Lam
Marta Murphy

Previous CCSL participants:
Dr. Morgan Abernathy
Erica Lee

Key CCSL faculty advisers:
Dr. Pamela Bjorkman
Dr. Kai Zinn

CCSL Contributors_042022

Much credit also goes to people in organizations around Caltech who stepped up to make CCSL's work possible, often under challenging conditions:

Student Wellness – for their extensive work on registration and distribution of home collection kits, data concordance studies, and all the clinical follow-up testing and contact tracing downstream of surveillance.

The office of the General Counsel - for navigating a complex and changing regulatory landscape.

Environmental Health and Safety - for advising and overseeing best practices in test-lab safety.

The BBE Division – for providing CCSL with an incredible lab-space in the Chen Neuroscience building.

Purchasing - for exceptional work on complex instrument acquisition and supply orders.

The Ismagilov lab – for invaluable advice and discussion on COVID testing and test-lab practices.

And unflagging support from the Provost and President.