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BBE Procurement Resources

BBE Procurement Administrator and SOS Buyer - Sue Zindle, [email protected]

Helpful Procurement Links:


P-Card: Traveler Set Up Help
TechMart: Caltech Equipment Screening
TechMart: Change Request Instructions
TechMart: How to Create Cost Receipts
Techmart: How to Create Quantity Receipts
TechMart: How to Check Purchase Order Status
TechMart: How to Search for Vouchers
TechMart Draft Requisition: Where to Find it Guide
TechMart: New User Training
TechMart: How to Turn on Requisition Notifications


Deposit Forms
CardQuest Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Forms
Direct Deposit Form for Caltech Individuals

P-Card Forms
Fly America Act Exception Form
P-Card Missing Receipt Form
P-Card Missing Traveler Signature Form
P-Card Personal Purchase Form

Purchasing/TechMart Forms
Payment Request Usage List
Procurement Summary Justification Form
TechMart Access Form – BBE

Purchasing/TechMart CA Partial Sales Tax Forms
Partial Sales Tax Information
Certification Form
Exemption Eligibility Matrix

W9 Form (Signed)

Wire Transfer Forms
International Wire Transfer Form


Gift Card Policy
Guidelines to Charging Food and Catering Expenses
Fly America Act Exceptions
Honorarium Policy
Independent Contractor Procedure
P-Card Policy
Purchasing Services Policy
Purchasing Services Goods and Services Policy
Stop Payment Policy
Travel Agreements
Travel Policy
Travel Policy – Non-Employees
Use of United States Flag Air Carriers
Wire Transfer Policy


BBE Procurement FAQs

  • Which buyer processes my non-catalog/spot buy requisitions in TechMart?
  • What do I do if I want to know the status of my requisition?
    • Look up the requisition number in TechMart
    • The column on the right-hand side will have the status
  • Who is my Requisition Financial Approver in TechMart?
    • It is likely either your lab manager or grant manager
    • Sue Zindle can tell you who it is
  • What do I do if my Requisition Financial Approver is not available?
    • Contact Sue Zindle to help you have your requisition routed to someone else
  • What do I do if Accounts Payable contacts me about a receipt for my purchase order?
    • You can contact the Materials Handler of your building for assistance
    • If you know the item has been received, or it is a service that you know has taken place, you can create the receipt in TechMart yourself. See "how to" section.
  • What do I do if Accounts Payable contacts me about a change needed to my purchase order?
    • Contact Sue Zindle and Beth Streeter to confirm how to proceed
    • Sue Zindle can make purchase order changes with email approval
    • Purchasing (Beth Streeter) requires a change request to make changes
  • What do I do if a supplier emails me about an invoice?
    • If it is regarding a purchase order created through TechMart have the supplier email the Procurement Hotline at [email protected]. They will follow up with Accounts Payable and the supplier
  • Who do I contact if I am having technical issues with TechMart?
  • Who processes my payment requests in TechMart?