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BBE Recording Space

B182 Alles is available for use as a recording studio!

Recording Studio_B182 Alles - teaching space.jpeg

The front of the room is set up for teaching, presenting, and interviewing.  The back of the room is set up for recording lectures. The tutorial below will give you an idea of what a polished recording will look like.

Please see the tutorial and webcam setting instructions here. Please review the tutorial in total in advance of using the recording space. The webcam settings are also posted in B182 Alles.

To reserve this space, please contact Tish Cheek or Joan Sullivan.

If further assistance is needed after watching the tutorial, Academic Media Technologies contacts are:
Becca Rose for the teaching set-up.
Gina Chen for the video set-up.
Leslie Maxfield for pre-, during-, or post-production. You may need to provide a PTA.

Recording Studio_New Webcam Setting.png_A.png



  • Keep this room set up as is.
  • Do not move any equipment, tape, or screens.
  • Do not remove anything from the room.
  • Please take all personal items with you upon completion.
  • No food or drinks (except water) allowed.