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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Equipment

The following are some UPS devices that have been used across campus for various needs. Specifications for some equipment may require further research to determine if a UPS system will provide the desired result. Equipment with motors or some types of heater units may not work properly with a UPS as some of the UPS units do not provide a true sine-wave output (the 'AC' output of some of the units is synthesized).

For the items listed below, full = full current load; half = half of the load current capacity of the unit

2400VA (20amp) output:
TrippLite SMART2200NET 11min full / 27min half  ~$1,300
APC SMART SMT2200C 10min full ~$1,800

1500VA (12.5amp) output:
TrippLite 9PX1500TRN-L (lithium batt) 11min full / 22min half ~$2,500
APC Smart UPS SRT1500XLA 20min full, if used with (SRT48BP) external battery pack ~$2,500

750VA (6amp) output
TrippLite OMNI750ISO 14min full / 31min half ~$500
APCSMART UPS SMT1500C 6min full ~$800

This is a partial list for general reference only and should not be viewed as an endorsement of any particular product. For some equipment, the UPS should be matched specifically to the application per manufacturer's guidelines, which may increase the cost of the unit. Note: it is not uncommon for some distributors to list units which have been discontinued by the manufacturer.

This information was most updated on 19 April 2023 by Tim Heitzman. If more information is required, please contact Jesse Flores.