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Annual Reports 2020-2002


According to the division's official history, biological sciences on campus predates the formal naming of the California Institute of Technology. The Division of Biology—now the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering—was not founded until 1928. From its founding and into the 1940s the division was growing and thriving on collaboration among world-renowned biology faculty. Although hiring stalled, this interaction continued through WWII as faculty contributed to the war effort. By the late 1940s, hiring accelerated again; the division had over 150 students, fellows, staff, and faculty, two new buildings, and had begun the tradition of writing an annual report.

In 1949 the first Annual Report of the Division of Biology was issued on topics ranging from cancer and smog investigations to chemically induced gene mutations and virus research. Every year since then the research projects of graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, research staff, and faculty members have been memorialized in annual reports representing nearly 70 years of scientific progress.

The annual report has been published in several formats: from tape-bound print to CDs to web-only. Here we present a fully-digitized, searchable library of annual reports going back to 2003. These reports provide the historical and scientific groundwork for current research in the division and in the scientific community.

Special thanks to the late Ray Owen who dutifully collected the reports during his tenure.

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